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Volume 39, No.2 Quarterly, July 2020 to September 2020                                         Download Volume 39, No. 2


        Research Articles :
      • Anthropometric profile of volleyball players at different level of contests: In reference to south Gondar Woredas team and project players -Samuel Goytom Gebregziabher, Ephrem Tamrat Desalegn, Addisalem Mihret Belete -Pg -1
      • RSA performance gain out of training? - Belayneh Chekle Admassu -Pg -5
      • Personality and self-confidence among girls and boys sportsperson - Ravi Nayak -Pg -12
      • Importance of health, fitness, and wellness - Ramesh Madar, Rajkumar P. Malipatil -Pg -14
      • Yoga and its contribution to the world - R. Narasimhachari, A. R. Jayalakshmi -Pg -16
      • Higaonon dances: Their implications to cultural identity peace and development - Harlyn Mae Ompoc, Rebecca Alcuizar, Cherlita C. Cudal -Pg -20
      • The importance of physical training in team sports - Dr. K. Bala Satyanarayana, Prof. N.Vijay Mohan, Dr. A. Pallavi -Pg -24
      • Effects of resistance, surya namaskar, and combined training with natural fat reduction supplementation on serum: Total protein and very-low-density lipoprotein among obese schoolchildren - G. Meena, R. Venkatesan -Pg -28
      • Effects of resistance, surya namaskar, and combined training with almond supplementation on serum calcium and serum chloride among overweight schoolchildren - G. Meena, R. Venkatesan -Pg -32
      • Development of T-scale of chair sit and reach test of male senior citizens - Dhananjoy Shaw, Syed Murtaza Hussain Andrabi -Pg -36
      • Development of T-scale of back scratch test of male senior citizens - Dhananjoy Shaw, Syed Murtaza Hussain Andrabi -Pg -42
      • Performance analysis of volleyball players – Telangana Universities - Jatothu Somanna -Pg -48
      • Conceptual understanding about physical education and sports among the rural and urban students of government degree colleges in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh - P. Gowri Sankar, P. Johnson -Pg -52
      • Role of sports psychology in physical education - Ravindra Baliram Khandare -Pg -55
      • Impact of yoga on anxiety and self-confidence of sports players - Nalla Bhaskarreddy Satyanarayanreddy -Pg -57
      • Analysis of knee injuries in badminton: A study - Nalla Bhaskerreddy Satyanarayanreddy -Pg -60
      • Applying 3D technology to make videos about basic techniques to teach table tennis to students majoring in physical education at Thai Nguyen University of education - Dao Ngoc Anh -Pg -63
      • An analytical study of injuries among Kho-Kho players and Kabbadi players of Hyderabad - Ashish Chaudhari -Pg -67
      • Aggressive behavior between male and female inter-collegiate kabaddi players of Raichur - Veeresh, L. S. Biradar -Pg -69
      • Comparison of aggression behavior between sportsmen and non-sportsmen - Veeresh, L. S. Biradar -Pg -71
      • Motor fitness in relation to Kho-Kho players - Nagaraddi B. Mallanna, M. S. Pasodi -Pg -73
      • Review Article :
      • Influence of aerobic exercises on cognitive abilities among children - K. G. Eswara Naik -Pg -75
      • Research Articles :
      • Sports competitive anxiety and burnout level among collegiate athletes - Ronald Alejo M. Guiriba, Lualhati A. Dela Cruz, Rhene A. Camarador -Pg -78
      • Exploring the mental toughness and sports performance among college student-athletes - Jose Andres Casilan Serrano III, Sheryll S. Serano, Rhene A. Camarador -Pg -84
      • Incidences of sports injuries in district level footballers and cricketers of West Bengal - Harisadhan Biswas, Asok Kumar Ghosh -Pg -89
      • Investigation of the influence of COVID-19 among college students’ health awareness, sports attitude, and sports behavior - Li Jianmo, Hamedi M. Adnan, Fadli Abdullah, Tang Yudong -Pg -94
      • Comparison of speed and leg power among basketball players and handball women players of the Hyderabad district - Rajesh Kumar, Engam Jyothi -Pg -98
      • A study on urban and rural children in respect of running speed - Sandip Kumar Mandal -Pg -100
      • A analytical study of injuries among defenders and forward men hockey players of Telangana state in India - G. Akhila -Pg -103
      • Effect of continuous training and circuit training for the development of aerobic fitness among long distance runners of Osmania University - Rajesh Kumar, Engam Jyothi -Pg -105
      • Evaluation of Sports Training Program of Marikina Polytechnic College as Perceived by the Coaches and Athletes - Michelle F. Ponce, Rhene A. Camarador, Ariston Alex M. Torres III -Pg -108
      • A Case Study of Poor participation Of Indian Women in Sports and Game With Special Reference to Odisha State - Saroj Kumar Panda -Pg -114
      • The Ayurvedic Approach to Fitness - Dr. Souman Kumar Panda -Pg -119
      • Some biochemical variables response after anaerobic work between low and moderate temperature for football players - Nina Borisovna Serova, Yassen Taha Al-Hajjar, Omar Salim Alghandora, Hamid Abdulsada Kadhim Al-Akrh -Pg -123
      • A comparative study on selected motor fitness of intercollegiate women volleyball players - Umesh Muktamath, Basavaraj Kumasi, K. M. Shankara Murthy -Pg -126
      • Effect of hill running for development of speed among women volley ball players of K.V.R. Government College for Women, Kurnool, A.P. - M. Vijaya Bharathi, B. Jessie -Pg -131