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Volume 29, No.1 Quarterly, January 2018 to March 2018                                   Download Volume 29, No. 1

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  • A comparative study of anthropometric measurements between netball and volleyball players -Mr. Shashidhara Pg-1-4

  • Analysis Of Selected Psychological Variables Among Inter-University Level Of Cricket, Handball And Volleyball Players -Zahoor Ahmad Mir , M. Abdul Bari Pg-5-8

  • Assessment Of Parents’ Level Of Satisfaction With Cleft Lip / Palate Treatment Results In Central Vietnam And Surrounding Provinces -Phan The Phuoc Long, Bui Khanh Linh, Xuan Hien Nguyen Pg-9-13

  • Self Confidence Inventory On Performance Of University Athletes - Empirical Viewpoint Approach -Majeed Pg-14-18

  • Comparison of gender health status and fitness -Dr.M.S.Pasodi Pg-19-20

  • Implication of psychological on the performance of sports persons -Dr.Kinnu Jadhav Pg-21-22

  • Personality and well being of the sport person -Dr.Raj Kumar G. Malkappagol Pg-23-24

  • Effect of Aerobic Exercises and Yogasanas on Strength of Primary School Children’s -Kum. Chennamma D. Chilamur, Dr. D. M. Jyoti Pg-25-28

  • Physical Activity Levels among School Teachers in relation to their Chronological Age -Dr. Sarbjit Singh, Prof. Dalwinder Singh Pg-29-32

  • Role Of Information Technology In Sports Science-Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Priti Pg-33-34

  • Parks and Social Development Of The Masses -Shamran Khan, Alamgir Khan,Salahuddin Khan Pg-35-38

  • Study Regarding The Perception Of Athletes About The Role Of Massage In Sports Performance -Sami Ullah Khan,Alamgir Khan,Dr.Salahuddin Khan Pg-39-43

  • A Critical Analysis Of Emotional Intelligence-Throwers And Jumpers-Sukashant S Patil. Pg-44-47

  • A Study On Prevalence Of Obesity Among WomenIn Selected Area Of Tamilnadu -Mrs.V.Jayanthi,Dr.V.Muruguvalavan Pg-48-50

  • Effects Of Resistance, Suryanamaskar And Combined Training With Almond Supplementation On Low Density Lipoprotein And Blood Glucose Among Overweight School Children-G. Meena,Dr.R.Venkatesan Pg-51-54

  • Effects Of Resistance, Suryanamaskar And Combined Training With Almond Supplementation On Selected Serum Electrolytes Among Obese School Children -G. Meena,Dr.R.Venkatesan, Pg-55-59

  • Effect of interval training with yoga an aerobic Endurance among middle and long distance runner’s performance of Hyderabad district Prof.L.B.LaxmikanthRathod,D.Hari,R.Sharda Bhai, V.Parvathamma Pg-60-62

  • The Importance of Social Media in Sports -Kum. Chennamma D. Chilamur, Dr. D. M. Jyoti Pg-63-65

  • Yoga: Balancing Healthy & Stress-Free Life -Ms. B. Balamani Pg-66-68

  • Empowering Community Groups Towards Health Improvement Through Physical Activity At Ediget School In Boditti And Ade Charake School In Damot Gale District, Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia -Afework Asale Doffana Pg-69-72

  • A Study Of Endurance Ability Among Foot Ball Players And Hockey Players Of Gulbarga University-Dr.Pasodi Mallappa Sharanappa Pg-73-74

  • About The Mountain Bike Cycling Reguations And Training For Better Performances -Dr. Bharat Z. Patel Pg-75-77

  • Doping in Sports- A chemist perspective -Dr. P. Bhushanavathi & Dr. P .Mangaveni Pg-78-84

  • Solutions To Reducing Female Students’ Anxiety At Physical Education Classes -Nguyen Xuan Hien,Nguyen Thi Hang Phuong, Le Phuong Loan Pg-85-90

  • Mass Media as the Driving Power of Sport Industry -Phisek Srisawat,Supit Samarhito, Pg-91-94

  • Effect Of Yoga On Hormonal Changes And Quality Of Life In Menopausal Women -Dr.Kavitha Sangana Gouda M Pg-95-97

  • Effectiveness Of Zumba Fitness To The Fitness Enthusiasts In Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines -Dr. Jelemy M. Jizmundo Pg-98-101

  • Effect Of Physical Exercise On Female Reproductive Hormones -Dr. Kavitha Sangana Gouda M Pg-102-104

  • Varicose Veins in Sportsmen; Role in Peak Performance-Dr K Pratyusha ,Dr K Rajesh, Prof Maj S Bakhtiar Choudhary,Ashad B Choudary Pg-105-106

  • Psycho-Social Predictors Of Sports Persons -Dr.Aman Singh Sisodiya,Sita Kumari Pg-107-111

  • Factors Affecting To The Development Of Physical Of Students Aged From 6 To 10 In Northern Of Vietnam: The Longitudinal Study -Bui Quang Hai and Pham Dinh Quy Pg-112-115

  • Occupational Stress And Job Satisfactions Among The Physical Education Teachers Of Kashmir -ShowkatRasool, Zahoor Ahmad Mir, QayoomGul Pg-116-119

  • Sports Talent Identifying and Grooming Public Sector Undertakings and Corporate Firms in India: An Analytical Study -Dr. Sanjay Sharma Pg-120-123

  • Status Of Physical Fitness Among Students Of Ballari University Ballari -Dr.Kavitha Sangana Gouda M Pg-124-126

  • History Of Kabaddi -I.Potanna Pg-127-128

  • Selected Training Performance Physical Fitness Components Association with High Jump Performance -B.Gowri Naidu,Dr.Ch.S.R.Naveen Kumar Pg-129-131

  • Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 (Csai-2): Evaluating The Athletes's Saigon Heat Team In The Asean Basketball League (2016 - 2017)-Ha Viet Dang, Hoang Minh Thuan Nguyen, Thanh Canh Phan, Thi Thuy Linh Nguyen Pg-132-134

  • Emotional training - sports performance -Ravi Nayak Pg-135-137

  • Relationships Between Physiological Function And Performance Of Vietnam Elite Junior Female Swimmers -Bui Trong Toai, Vo Chau Tuong, Dao Van Thau Pg-138-141

  • The Bhuddist: Concept Of Impermanence -Paladugu srinu Pg-142-143

  • Role of Diet for a Professional Mountain Bike Cyclist -Dr. Bharat Z. Patel Pg-144-145

  • A Study Of Attitude Of Parents Towards SPAT In Haryana -Dr. Naveen Kumar Pg-146-148

  • Common Injuries And Preventions In Volley Ball -Dr. G.P.Raju Dr.P.Johnson Pg-149-151

  • Comparison of Self Confidence among Kabbadi and Kho Kho Players of Gulbarga University -Dr.H.S.Jange Pg-152-153

  • Prosthetic Devices For Disabled Athletes -Suramoni Rajini Prof.Rajesh Kumar ,Prof.K.Deepla Pg-154-155

  • Impact of Technology on Basketball - Neha Jain Surana,Dr. Reema Singh Prof. Yadvendra Singh Shishodia,Prof. Rajesh Kumar Pg-156-158

  • Aerobic Fitness And Body Composition Of College Students -Dr. Sukanta Saha Pg-159-163