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Volume 51, No.1 Quarterly, October 2023 to December 2023                                         Download Volume 51, No. 1


        Research Articles :
      • Exploring mental imagery: Targeted goals, strategies, and challenges of selected national coaches in the Philippines - Martin Abraham A. Mejia-Pg -1
      • Comparison of individual insight of workplace stress of male and female gymnasium fitness trainers of Mumbai city - Aalok Bakshi, Kishore J. Maru -Pg -10
      • A Comparative study of health-related physical fitness components of standard 8th and 9th students of SDA school of Navi Mumbai - Akshay Jadhav, K. K. Asai -Pg -13
      • A comparative study of blood lactate level of swimmers and sprinters of Thane - Aniket Maruti Khedekar, Neetu Omprakash Joshi -Pg -15
      • Effectiveness of relaxation training program on the basis of physiological parameters of elite football players - Vimla Tiwari, R. R. Dhakne -Pg -18
      • Effect of circuit training on balance, power, and performance of boys in football - Kumar Anuj Shiv, Sushama Narayan Chougule -Pg -21
      • Karate training on power and flexibility of school students - Ashwini Anant Gaykar, R. R. Dhakne -Pg -24
      • Comparison of training attitude and group relationship of job satisfaction of male and female gymnasium fitness trainer of Mumbai city - Kishore J. Maru -Pg -27
      • Awareness and managing muscle loss associated with age through exercise - R. R. Dhakne -Pg -30
      • Effect of beach training program on speed of boys Kho-Kho players - Hardik Tamore, Jaysing M. Hotkar -Pg -33
      • Progressive muscular stretching for muscular strength and skill of volleyball players - Itishree Prasad Kumbhar, Kailash K. Asai -Pg -36
      • A study of personality of undergraduate students of BPEd of Mumbai and Goa region - Jesida Fernandes, Rohini C. Kawade -Pg -39
      • Effect of circuit training program on muscular strength and muscular endurance - M. R. Kamble Kuldeep Sahebrao, Rajendra Shelke -Pg -42
      • An investigation of job satisfaction of Kho-Kho officials of Mumbai city - Madhura Sanjay Pednekar, Neetu Omprakash Joshi -Pg -45
      • Effect of complex training for power and performance program in hockey for school boys - Mamta Shyamlal Pasi, Rajendra N. Shelke -Pg -47
      • Comparison of sports achievement motivation of badminton players of junior college and badminton clubs of Mumbai - Manish Kumar Pandey, Kishore J. Maru -Pg -50
      • Effectiveness of aerobic dance training program on muscular endurance and flexibility of housewives of Mumbai - Pranali M. Chavan, G. K. Dhokrat -Pg -53
      • A comparative study of agility and stress of basketball players of Navi Mumbai - Rupali Aarti Bablya Pendhari, Sushama Narayan Chougule -Pg -56
      • Effect of pranayama on lungs ability of working women - Shivani Uttam Mungekar, J. M. Hotkar -Pg -59
      • Investigation into sports person ethics and moral behavior of professional Kabaddi players of Mumbai - Siddharth Sawant, Rohini C. Kawade -Pg -62
      • Pickleball training for skills of table tennis for the children in orphanages - Soham Mangesh Rane, Rajendra R. Dhakne -Pg -64
      • Effectiveness of Zumba and aerobics training program on the basis of selected health-related physical fitness components of secondary school children of Mumbai - Nishant Kolhe, G. K. Dhokrat -Pg -67
      • A study of effect of specific self-defense training program on psychophysical parameters of girls of secondary schools of Thane district - Harish Waidande, G. K. Dhokrat -Pg -70
      • A comparative study of blood lactate level of swimmers and sprinters of Thane - Aniket Maruti Khedekar, Neetu Omprakash Joshi -Pg -73
      • Gross motor activities for children to develop physical and mental well-being - Maitshaphrang Lyngdoh, G. Vinod Kumar, Jonnada Rambabu -Pg -76
      • Impact of yogic practices on physiological variables on pre-adolescence school girls - D. Sudha Rani -Pg -79
      • A comparative study of injuries between girls and boys fastpitch softball players of Andhra Pradesh state - D. Reddy Bhaskar -Pg -82
      • Selected asanas and pranayama effects on leg strength and shoulder strength of male adolescents - Ramesh H. Kittur -Pg -85