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Volume 28, No.1 Quarterly, October 2017 to December 2017                                      Download Journal

                                                                                                                                    Workshop Journal

  • Effects Of Extracurricular Exercises On The Shape And Physical Strength Of 9-Year-Old Female Pupils With Class-I Obesity At Kim Dong Primary School, In Hanoi City -Đinh Khanh Thu, Nguyen Xuân Hien, Nguyen Thi Huyen, Lę Thi Phuong Loan Pg-1-6

  • Effect Of Endurance Training On Body Fat Of Tribal Students -Dr.A.T.B.T.Prasad, Dr. Kalpana Awari, Prof. P.Ramesh Reddy Pg-7-9

  • Gender differences in health beliefs: A comparative study among rural population -Rajkumar E,Romate J Pg-10-14

  • Review on myokines: A novel Intra and Inter Tissue Messengers -Arun Kumar Chatla Pg-15-16

  • Prevalence of Cardio Vascular Disease risk factors among rural population-Rajkumar E,Romate J Pg-17-21

  • Comparative Study of Stress and Coping Strategies of Undergraduate Sports & Non-Sports Students -Dr Seema Singh Pg-22-28

  • Obesity : Health Awareness – Dr. Ambaresh Biredar Pg-29-31

  • “Visual Practice Enhance the Performance of Shot Putters” – Dr.Raj Kumar G. Malkappagol Pg-32-33

  • Students Football Athletes Coaching and Training Program (An Evaluative Study in Student Training and Education Program) -Komarudin, Sugiharto, Hari Setijono, Setya Rahayu Pg-34-38

  • Model of Physical Activity Based on Perceptual Motor to Develop Intelligence for Kindergarten Students -Yudanto, Sugiharto, Hari Amirullah Rachman, Setya Rahayu Pg-39-42

  • 21st Century Mental Problems And Yoga -Dr Bhange Chandrakant Bansidhar, Pg-43-44

  • Physical Fitness Profile of West Bengal & Jharkhand Handball Players -Dr. Manisha Mondal Pg-45-47

  • Perceptions Of Pre-Service B.Ed Teacher Trainees On Human Rights -M.Anu Priscilla Pg-48-50

  • To Improve Learning Environment In Elementary Education Through Yoga -M.Venkatesh Pg-51-52

  • The Role of Sports Nutrition for Sports Persons -Rakesh Kumar Charka Pg-53-54

  • Comparative Study On Management Challenges In Youth And Sport Offices Of Mekelle And Central Zones In Tigrai Regional State -ShishayWeldeslassie, Dr. S SHasrani, Dr.Soumitra Mondal Pg-55-61

  • Incongruence Of Gender, Leadership Roles AndUnderrepresentation Of Women In Sport Leadership Positions -Mirian P. Aman, Aminuddin Bin Yusof, Maimunah bt Ismail, Abu Bakar Bin Mohamed Razali Pg-62-69

  • Impact Of Badminton Training On Physical Parameters Of Players -B. Tirumalaiah, Dr. M.V. Srinivasan Pg-70-72

  • The Effect Of Small-Sided Games In The Development Of Technical Demands Of U-17 Male Youth Football Players In The Case Of Bahir Dar City Project -Getachew Teshome Pg-73-77

  • Influence Of Physical Education And Sports In Students Life-Dr. Mohd Akhter Ali, M.Vani, M.Kamaraju Pg-78-79

  • Study On Prevalence Of Obesity Among Women In Selected Area Of Tamilnadu -Mrs.V.JAYANTHI. Dr.V.MURUGUVALAVAN Pg-80-82

  • characteristics Of Ethiopian National League Soccer Players Across And Withinnations By Playing Position -AlemmebratKiflu (Dr.) Pg-83-88

  • Effect Of Aerobic And Calisthenics Exercise During Fasting Season On Body Composition Among Urban Dwellers -AlemmebratKiflu (Dr.) Pg-89-93

  • Soccer Violence: Factors And Tackling Mechanism In The Case Of Ethiopia premier League (Epl) -Alemmebrat Kiflu (Dr.) Pg-94-98

  • Sport Marketing Consulting Strategies And Tactics -Mohammad Abdul Kareem Pg-99-101

  • A Study On Effect Of Aqua Aerobics Exercises For Development Of Endurance During The Summer Season Among Athletes -Dr. G.P.Raju Dr.P.Johnson Pg-102-103

  • Effect of Yogasanas on Selected Health Related Physical Fitness and Physiological Variables of High School Kho-Kho Players – Mrs. V. Vijayakumari, Prof. Syed Kareemulla, Pg-104-105

  • Impact Of Age Maturity And Income On The Mental Health Of National Volleyball Officials -Mr. Mahesh Veerappa Karandi Pg-106-108

  • The international physical education there are follow to rules and regulation with Indian constitutional law -M.Harichand Pg-109-110

  • Influence Of Battle Rope Training On Selected Physiological Variables Among Male Volleyball Players -K.M. Prakash, Dr. K. Mohan Pg-111-114

  • Strength And Power Of College Students -Dr. Sukanta Saha Pg-115-118

  • Basics of strength and conditioning drills for basketball player -Rakesh Kumar Charka Pg-119-120

  • Physiological Performance Structure Of Male Kho-Kho Players -Ramavath Prakash Pg-121-123

  • Training and Contribution of Youth Football Projects to Produce New SuccessorPlayers in Wolaita Dicha Sport Club Ethiopia -Chernet DawitEkaso, Milkyas Bassa Mukulo, (PhD) Pg-124-128

  • Comparative Study On Dribbling Control Ability Test for Kerala And Tamil Nadu Basketball Players -Dr Abdul Mohaimin, Prof. Y. Kishore Pg-129-131

  • Perceived Organizational Support among National Football Referees Of South India -N.P.R.Kesarkar ,Dr.S.Madialagan Pg-132-135

  • Traditional Sports And Games In 21st Century:A Future Challenges -Dr. Saroj Kumar Panda Pg-136-139

  • A Comparative Study On Team Performances Of National Road Cycling Championship -Dr. Bharat Z. Patel Pg-140-142

  • The Colonial Construction Of The Tribe And The Tribal Area -J.Gopi Pg-143-146

  • Effect of Weight Training Exercises for development of Upper Body Muscle Strength among Foot Ball Players of Osmania University – Prof. Rajesh Kumar, Prof.L.B.Laxmikanth Rathod Pg-147-148

  • Tribals In Globalization -K Rajeswari Pg-149-153