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Volume 48, No.1 Quarterly, January 2023 to March 2023                                         Download Volume 48, No. 1


        Research Articles :
      • Current status of team learning of physical education students university of education Thai Nguyen University Nguyen Duc Tuan -Pg -1
      • Ladies! Keep going: The teeter-totter coaching theory - Rosil B. Rabadon, Lerly A. Ferrera, Deleaine Louix C. Pepito, Albert A. Jalandoni, Rizza R. Caumeran, Long Zhang, Yuanfu Yuan Zhong -Pg -5
      • Analysis on the effect of specific yogic practices and aerobics training protocol on bio-motor and psychological variables of high school students - Belladon Manjunath, M. Sivasankar Reddy -Pg -7
      • Formulated cool down phase of exercise Exercise medicine - C. P. Lee, M. Mageswari, Z. J. Chew, H. K. Wong, C. H. Chee, N. N. Rudimin, A. L. Amin -Pg -11
      • Analysis of physical and motor fitness of under 14 year old boys from Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh - Shaili Asthana -Pg -20
      • Characteristic and correlations between somato type with the performance of elite junior female swimmers - Bui Trong Toai, Pham Hung Manh, Vo Chau Tuong -Pg -23
      • The proposed some perspectives on the development of physical education and sports for ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous region in Vietnam - Dao Ngoc Anh -Pg -26
      • Rehabilitation strategies to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness in disabled athletes - Vu Viet Bao -Pg -29
      • Sports injuries among sprinters A review - Rajesh Kumar, Rajashekhar M. Hiremath -Pg -34
      • Effect of hill running for development of speed among basketball players of Siddipet district - Beesu Karunakar-Pg -37
      • The effect of 12 weeks of plyometric and resistance training combined with skill training on agility, speed, and explosive power in intercollegiate male football players - K. Anitha, L. B. Laxmikanth Rathod -Pg -39
      • Acceleration, migration, and modernization with azure and its impact in modern business - Sairam Madasu -Pg -42
      • Effect of Yogic Practices on Mental Health among High School Girls in Andhra Pradesh - Mubeena Khanum, B. Jessie -Pg -46
      • A case study on manyam venkata raghavendra fencer of telangana state - Rajesh Kumar-Pg -48