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Volume 31, No.1 Quarterly, July 2018 to September 2018                                        Download Volume 31, No. 1


      • Traditional Sports And Games In 21st Century:A Future Challenges -Dr. Saroj Kumar Panda Pg - 1-4
      • Role of Self Confidence Inventory on Performance of Female Athletes -Dr. Majeed Pg -5-6
      • A Study of Endurance Ability among Wrestling and Foot Ball Playersof Inter-Collegiate Players -Dr. Kavitha Sangana Gouda M Pg -7
      • Impact of Female psychological on the performance of sports players-
        Dr. Majeed Pg -8-9
      • Innovative Response On Big Five Personality Traits Among House Maker And labourer Women -Dr. Swapna Ray Barma Pg -10-13
      • A Study on Self Confidence among Kho Kho and Kabaddi Female Players of Koppal District -Dr. Kavitha Sangana Gouda M Pg -14-15
      • Contribution to rely on Fonctionel-Morphology’scharacteristics to determine the feature players volleyball.(Analytic Approch). – Dr. Amrouche Mustapha, Dr. Touhami Bouzekria, Dr. Sekarna Djamel Ali, Pr. Labane Karim,Dr. Ouamer Hadjira Pg -16-19
      • A Study On Social Stress Between ResidentAnd Non Resident Students Of Kashmir -Khan Ajaz Ul Haq,Sajad Ahmad Mir Pg -20-22
      • Comparative study on Morphological Variables of Mangalore University and Mysore University Kabaddi Players -Dr .Kishore Kumar.C.K. Chidananda.A Pg -23-24
      • Sports Policy & RTI -Dr. Qudratulla Khan Pg -25-26
      • Relief From Stress: It Is In Your Finger Tips -Dr.R.Vidhya Sree Pg -27-29
      • Job satisfaction among sport science instructors: in case of amhara regional state of Ethiopia.-Demissie Gashu Walle,Wondimagegn shewangezaw Pg -30-32
      • A Pilot Study: Impact Of Mobile Health (Mhealth) Technology In Overweight And Obese Knee Osteoarthritis Patients -Muhammad Tariq Rafiq, Maryam Hadizadeh, Eliza Hafiz Pg -33-35
      • Study On Application Of Improved Gaussian Mixual Model On Target Detection Of Track Events Videos -Mr. Shanfeng Wu Pg -36-40
      • A Review on: Plyometrics Training in Children and Adolescents’
        Volleyball Players -Astatkie Bogale Pg -41-44
      • Service Delivery And Customer Satisfaction On Health Clubs In The Case Of Bahir Dar City -Dr. Teketel Abrham,Tiru Wallie Pg -45-49
      • Measuring Inclination And Attitudes Of University Lecturers Towards Sport Activity based On Job Position & Subject Discipline -Mahadula IP Kumari Pg -50-53
      • Identifying the Gender Differences of International Tourists on Destination Satisfaction and Revisit Intention: Special Reference to Galle Tourism Zone -Dilushi Kodithuwakku Pg -54-60
      • Effect Of Yoga On Selected Lipid Profile On Mild Intellectually Persons Dr.S.Saraboji,Dr.Gawrisankar Prasad Pg -61-63
      • Media Framing: A comparative content analysis of Rio Olympic Games 2016through Print Journalism in Sri Lanka -A A L Madhushani Pg -64-67
      • Analysis Of Achievement Motivation And Coping Strategies Among University Athletes -Ashutosh Acharya Pg -68-73
      • African Performance on FIFA 2018 World Cup -Essayas HailuMequanent Shikabaw,Andualem Gebresilassie Pg -74-81
      • Table Tennis Skills Assessment: Skill Performance IndicatorAnd As Predictor Of Playing Performance In Competition -Mila Asuncion-Gallardo Pg -82-85
      • Computer Game Participation In Relation To Reaction Time And Sports Skills Performance In Soccer And Volleyball -Atreju Mikhail Sam A. Gallardo Pg -86-92
      • Effect of Weight Training for Development of upper body muscle strength and endurance among Rowers of Osmania University, Hyderabad - Prof.Rajesh Kumar, Prof.L.B.Laxmikanth Rathod Pg -93-94
      • Importance of fitness among Women in Regular Life -Dr. M.Veera Naik Pg -95-96